Goal: To start (and finish) the Seattle Rock N’ Roll 1/2 Marathon June 27, 2009 WHAT NOW?

UPDATE: So training is sort of called off. The Seattle Rock N’ Roll Marathon sort of kinda is filled up and no more entries accepted. I didn’t register early b/c I didn’t know how my knee was going to react to training – and at this point, at Week 8, I was kind of nervous b/c the knee was doing so-so. The arches and shins were more of a concern  b/c they immediately felt tired at the beginning of each run/walk. Hmmm.

SO, as I received the news this weekend of the full field, i thought, well, maybe it’s for the best. So, during the Port Townsend Rhody Run on Sunday, I gave the 7.46 mile run my all, even with a more-than-usual swollen knee from hiking and climbing the day prior. And I could have done the walk/run thing but got too comfortable in my running pace. At Mile 6, i was thinking, “wha? and i thought i’d do a 13 miler in a month? why would I do that? my legs are EXHAUSTED!” but i kept pushing on. and i came in at 1:10 – five minutes faster than last year. The legs felt nice and used and sore and it was great to have that “run real hard” feeling again. But two things kept going through my head: “maybe my running days are over” and “Would I be satisfied enough with just doing runs under 10 miles but more than 5 miles? DO i really need to be doing 13 mile runs?”

So, for now, i think i’m to continue running – but 2x a week, at 45-60 minutes each, plus my plethora of cross training – mtn bike, road bike, rock climb, wieght lift and hopefully, if can get up early enough, swimming again. I know part of my training troubles was that i went from running once in a while to running 2-3x a week – no base. that’s how people get injured. but i’ve been losing wieght with the running, so need to keep at it. even if it is the 4 min run/1 min walk.


Training Plan: 14 weeks starting March 23, 2009 – using book “Marathoning for Mortals” and it’s Run/Walk and  Run Half Marathon training plan; train by heart rate and time, not so much mileage

Week 8 – May 11-May 17 – SEVEN WEEKS UNTIL HALF!!!!!

OK, so i’m determined to do something at least five days this week …. Right now, I feel like I’m so not prepared for this race. I’ve been avoiding the long endurance runs b/c i’m afraid my knees are going to hurt during the run. And i just feel the shoes aren’t giving me the support that i wish they would … arches and shins get tired easily in the beginning but OK after warm up. May go to Poulsbo Running after work on Tuesday to see what’s up …

Monday: Spin at YMCA – could actually make it since iI got home early and in hopes Donnie was teaching, but no, Matt instead. But no complaining – he does a  pretty good job and the music was good. Forgot my water, so took it a little easy, but pushed enough to get a good workout and yet not passout from thirst. Did my wrist PT and some upper body weights. Could’nt get to sleep until midnight though. That’s what a solid kick of good adrenaline will do to you … But i felt great on Tuesday a.m.

Tuesday: nothin’

Wednesday: Run – 44 minute (3 run/1 walk) at lunch. shins and R knee bothersome but at 20 minutes, i was flying. Then at 25 min negative emotions hit me like hitting the wall while trying to run up a little hill that shouldn’t have been that hard. Weird. Last 15 minutes, settled back down and rushed to get back to the office. Felt strong, going at a good clip … faster pace than before but felt comfortable.


Week 7: May  4-May 10



Ran at the gym in the a.m. doing the 3 min run/1 min walk for about 50 minutes on treadmill


Pope and Talbot Mtn Biking – didn’t feel like much of a workout but did feel the bike muscles get warmed up a bit.


decided to rest

Friday – nothin’

Saturday – climbed mt angeles – so, XT, right?!  For got how hard it is on the knees. Thank god for glissading….

Sun – nothin’


Week 6 – April 27-May 3:

Monday: Run/walk

47 min run/walk at lunch. legs and body felt tired at first, esp shins, but at 20 minutes, my body finally relaxed and everything was fluid. need to get back into yoga though. Flexibility is suffering!

Tuesday: XT

Rocked the weights at the gym, plus some abs and some wrist PT. Out in 30. Booyah!

Wednesday: Rock Climbing

Shouldn’t have but did. Hit some 9s and 10As and probably overdid it. i knew i shouldn’t have stayed. but got in a good ab workout and some yoga moves.

Thursday: Run/walk
Again shins and arches felt tired and weird at first but felt good after about 20 minutes. Vampire Weekend then Radiohead. Should have done 45 minutes then some fart leks but did more like 55 minutes and jogging the last 10 minutes. oh well. great night – clear sky, perfect temp. nervous about the six miler on Saturday.

Friday – nothin’ – wine weekend

Saturday – Ran about 4 miles with randy in Pendelton – actually ran the whole thing, no walk/run stuff. Felt alright. Forgot how hard it was to run in the a.m.

Sun – nothin’


Week 5: April 20-26

Monday: Ran/walked 40 minutes. Felt pretty good now that i’ve tapered down to Ran/walk system.

Tuesday: thought i’d garden instead of lift.

Wednesday: Rock climbed. Killer Ab workout too, thanks to randy.

Thursday: Rested

Friday: 45 min run/walk on treadmill at Y. Funny thought process: in the beginning, i was happy to just walk and dreaded running. By the 30 minute mark, i was looking forward to running and not walking.

Saturday: XT? helped with mountaineer class, so i hiked up and down a hill. 🙂

Sunday: more “upper body workout” – gardening.


Week 4 – April 13-19

Monday – rested

Tuesday – Ran 40 minutes. Did NOT feel good. R Knee was swelling and screaming. Turns out i read my plan wrong and didn’t need to run for 40 minutes – yet!

Wednesday – Rested

Thursday – Tried the Run/Walk combo for 30 minutes – run three minutes, walk two minutes. Much more enjoyable and the knee didn’t cry as much. Still swelled up though.

Friday – XT – Spin class at the Y. 55 minutes. Had a hard time getting in the zone – two girls behind me wouldn’t stop chatting, so in the middle of class i upped and moved my bike. You DON”T TALK during spin class!!!!!! Then I had a hard time focusing  again … oh well.

Saturday – Run – I’m SUPPOSED to run 5 miles, but for some reason, i’m not really looking forward to it. We’ll see. Is it possible to train for a 1/2 marathon by not running at all …. ha ha ha.

NOTE: Never ran/walked

Sunday: Hiked and rock climbed. Felt great to do the hill up to the pinnacles at Peshastin with a new-to-me great fitting backpack (thanks Cheryl!)


Week 3 – April 6-12:

Saturday: Endurance Run

4 miles around rocky point – didn’t take HRM and felt free from paying attention to the tiny details of the run- just enjoyed it. Cool evening, great run.45-50 minutes. slight tightness in hams but warmed up after a mile or so.

Note: Grabbed Randy’s iPod Shuffle for some power metal, guns n’ roses, daft punk, black sabbath and pirate metal. It was a nice change from what i usually listen to. And i’ll agree – power metal has its time and place.

Friday: XT

Weight lifted – HRM was about 50-75% – pushed my weight to exhaustion.

Thursday: Rest

Wednesday: Easy mtn bike ride at Banner Forest Park. Flat but felt like the legs got a workout.

Tuesday: XT

Did a good 30 minute strength session at Y weight room. Upped my weights so to lift to exhaustion. Hopefully will help with knee soreness on run. HRM % was between low 50s (at rest between sets) and mid-70s (at lift exhaustion)

Monday: Rest

And rest i did! Except for a few laps around the neighborhood doing a mechanics check on my mountain bike. 🙂


Week 2 March 30-April 5:

Monday: Cross Train

Didn’t make it to the Y in time for the spin class and had to settle on one of their crappy bikes in the cardio room. HRM % didn’t get above 63%. Boo. But learned that Nicole Richie is pregnant with twins!

Tuesday: Short Run

Switched my XT and Run days – did 30+ minutes at the gym on treadmill. Think my Average HRM% was in the 70s. Tried running at the 11:58 mile pace. Back of left knee had slight itty bitty pain after running for 4-5 minutes – so switched to alternating running and walking. That seemed to work well. Learned about www.kitsaprunner.com from running friends at Y.

Wednesday: CrossTrain

I’m SUPPOSED to rest today, but the temptation to go mountain biking at Stottlemyer was too great. And it was so worth it. Actually felt like I got a real work out! Rode for an hour, five minute stints at a time… Think I’ll re-work the schedule so to take advantage of this as a XT day….

Thursday: Rest

Finally did it and am not putting on running shoes or gym clothes …

Friday: Run and Form Drills

Tried out the Randy-method of running at night. DID NOT LIKE IT. Can barely see, even on lit streets. Car lights blinding and hard to see sidewalk. Chill of the evening made the joints sore while running.

HRM% was peaking again at 86 %. Was on threshold of walking at 65-75 and running between 75-85. Although it went down the longer I ran.

Route: Up Warren Avenue, across the bridge, under the bridge and back down across the bridge. headed to the high school track for form drills or what i remember from high school, fart leks. Sprint a straight and walk or jog the curves or half the track. Felt pretty good to do all out sprints.

Saturday: Rest, um XT

Hiked 4 miles at Lake Quinault

Sunday: Endurance Run

3 miles at Lake Quinault, on the road. Took about 40 minutes, trying to stay withing 65-85% range. Felt OK – right knee bothersome, need to get to gym to strengthen quad.

Also did another 4 mile hike.


WEEK 1 March 23-29:

Tuesday: Short Run

2.4 mile / 35 minute run/walk on treadmill at YMCA; stayed in 60-75% Heart rate range. Felt good. Worked out some of the kinks.

Wednesday: Cross Training

Mountain Biking with group in Central Kitsap – did more walking of bike than actual biking. Considering holding off on pursuing this sport until after race, so to lessen risk of injury. Tweaked right foot/ankle a bit, but fine by Saturday

Friday: Cross Training

Spin Class at YMCA – RAWR! Awesome class, got the HR probably past the 75% (Whoops) but it felt good at the end of the week. 60 minute ride/12 miles.

Saturday Sunday: Endurance Run

Postponed the run to Sunday – glad I did! It was a sunny blue sky morning! perfect temperature for trying out new Sauconys and getting in the first endurance run. A whole 2 miles! Avg. heart rate was 147. Think i screwed up starting my HRM. when i’d walk, i’d be in thethe 60-70% max HR; when i’d run, it’d jump up to 70-80%. didn’t seem right. needed to be running, conversational pace at 60-75% HRM. Oh well. Time: 23 minutes.